Frequently Asked Questions
How can I find Arcana?

We are located at 238 Abbott Street in Vancouver, BC. You may find yourself confused at first, but remember: things often aren't what they seem. If you have a sense of psychic energy, you should be able to find us fairly quickly.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open 5 pm til late, Wednesday through Sunday.

Is Arcana a bar or a restaurant?
Arcana is a restaurant with a fulsome menu, that also serves spectacular cocktails and mocktails in a speakeasy-style atmosphere reminiscent of a 1930s French salon. You can find our food and drink menus here.
Are minors allowed at Arcana?

As a food-primary establishment, we welcome those under 19 when accompanied by family and other loved ones to share a meal at Arcana. Of course, minors may not partake of our spirit offerings, but we have a fulsome Temperance zero-proof menu along with other non-alcoholic options. (May we recommend the Croque Sorciere for our young friends? It is a favourite among those of young age and youthful countenance alike.)

Is Arcana wheelchair accessible?
Although our second floor is accessible only via a staircase, and our washrooms cannot accommodate push-button entry and grab bars, our entrance is accessible and our ground floor includes accessible tables. If you are a wheelchair user, please note this on your reservation and we will ensure that you are seated in a section appropriate to your needs.
Is there parking at Arcana?

We do not have our own parking, but there is quite a bit of parking available on the surrounding streets as well as in nearby parkades. Please plan your evening so as to avoid driving after drinking alcohol.

Can I have my birthday party, wedding, seance or other event at Arcana?
We are happy to discuss the details of your event. Please send an email to with your proposed event details.
Can I make a reservation?
You may indeed, on Tock. If you wish to book a reservation for more than six people, please send us an email at
Why can't I watch the Canucks game at Arcana?

Televisions anger the spirit world. However, we can occasionally prevail on the Other Side to send updates on important games through the seven-foot-wide Ouija board mounted above the bar.

Will drinking absinthe make me go permanently blind?


Is your staff really psychic?